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Stereoscopic view of stream, near Calgary, Alberta.
Bobby Bird, Sergeant in Royal Canadian Air Force, Calgary, Alberta.
Sitting room of house, Alberta.
Pontiac in a snowy field, Calgary area, Alberta.
Induction of new members, 34th scout troop, Calgary, Alberta.
Group examining model of traffic intersection at Union Packing Company, Calgary, Alberta.
Robert and Margaret Bird riding in carriage, Alberta.
MacLean's Drug Store and building, Calgary, Alberta.
Monkey display at opening of British-American service station, Calgary, Alberta.
Shoppers at Union Meats, Calgary, Alberta.
Bushes and trees covered in hoar frost, near Calgary, Alberta.
View from Mount Donkin, British Columbia.
Imperial Oil Junkers airplane taking off, Edmonton, Alberta.
Empress Theatre featuring 'The Skywayman', Edmonton, Alberta.
Wop' May standing in front of automobile with Imperial Oil aircraft in background, Edmonton, Alberta.
Imperial Oil Junkers airplane, Edmonton, Alberta.
Chautauqua, Edmonton, Alberta.
Log home, Spirit River, Alberta.
L. T. Grady's store, Warner, Alberta.