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Sheep on Pat Burns' ranch, southern Alberta.
Tom Three Persons on 'Weasel', at the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.
Harry Knight on bucking horse, at the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.
James B. Cross and cowboys' on horseback, Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.
Cattle round-up.
Blood women with dog travois in front of tips, at the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, Calgary, Alberta.
Making camp, Fort Smith area, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Magic Baking Powder 'Magic Walls' wall sign, beauty shop, Didsbury, Alberta.
Old Sarcee harvesting
The Earl of Egmont's farm.
Official party during visit of British Prime Minister Baldwin, Calgary, Alberta.
Josie Welsh on 'Kickaroo'.
Slim Moorehouse driving his world record winning team of 32 horses and 8 wagons trekking to the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.