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Reverend Father L. J. D. Doucet, Oblates of Mary Immaculate.
Calgary, Alberta.
Bar U cowboys branding cattle.
Frank Sharp on bucking horse, at the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.
John Jordan on 'Blue Dog', at the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.
Chuckwagon race, Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.
Group of Native people in traditional dress.
Cattle swimming through dipping vat.
Alberta and Great Waterways Railway crew camp, at Lynton, approaching the Christina River crossing, Alberta
Long Dog', Sioux Chief, and George W. Wells, late of 'B' troop at Fort Walsh, Saskatchewan.
Laura Secord billboard, Edmonton, Alberta.
Visit of the Prince of Wales and Duke of Kent, Calgary, Alberta.
Streetcar crashes through Crooks Drugstore, Calgary, Alberta.