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A. Griffin and G. H. Patrick holding three young badgers, Glenrose district, Western Irrigation District, Alberta.
Earl Haig drinking coffee at Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.
Gleichen headquarters, Gleichen, Alberta.
Finnis flume, 120 feet per second, Western Irrigation District, Alberta.
P and H dragline relining main canal at Ogden seepage, Ogden, Alberta.
Western section telephone pole line east of Strathmore, Alberta.
Holt combined harvester of H. Scheer cutting wheat, N 1/2 9-24-23-W4, Crowfoot district, Alberta.
Strathmore irrigation office from Clubhouse lawn, Strathmore, Alberta.
Meadow in front of Strathmore irrigation headquarters, Strathmore, Alberta.
Layhold and concrete lining on Glenrose canal, NE 1/4 24-25-24-W4, Alberta.
Rebuilt Freeman flume, NW 1/4 20-25-25-W4, Alberta.
Washout at Carseland distributary bank gate, Carseland, Alberta.
Irrigated wheat of Swen Swinson, NW 1/4 30-24-23-W4, Crowfoot, Alberta.
Blasting outlet, Stobart Lake drain ditch, Alberta.
Residence of Henry Cretin, NE 1/4 3-27-21-W4, Cluny district, Alberta.
Concrete drop number 8A, Strathmore, Alberta.
Ice jam, sector gate, Calgary, Alberta.
House and barn of J. Nelson, W 1/2 6-22-25-W4, Carseland district, Alberta.
Finnis flume, East branch C Canal, Mile 51, NW 1/4 30-26-23-W4, Alberta.
Drop number 2A, Langdon, Alberta, passing 412 feet per second.
Calgary headgate and sector weir, Western section, Calgary area, Alberta.
One hundred and fifty pigs raised by L. H. Laveridsen, Craigantler district, Alberta.
Detail of timber work in Winona flume at break of June 1, 1928, NE 1/4 23-26-24-W4, Alberta.
Construction of rock number 7A, Secondary A canal, Western Irrigation District, Alberta.
Duchess apples on farm of J. R. Allgood, S 1/2 36-22-23-W4, Gleichen, Alberta.
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