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Buildings on the Old Mexico Ranch, Steveville, Alberta.
Horse round-up at Crawling Valley, Alberta.
Branding colts, Key Ranch, Airdrie, Alberta.
Patrick and Rose Drummond, store owners, Jumping Pound, Alberta.
A. E. Bate, Mormon settler, Whitemud Hills, near Shaunavon, Saskatchewan.
Pipe band in parade, Calgary, Alberta.
Power house building, Calgary, Alberta.
Line-up of contestants at first international rodeo, Wembley Stadium, London, England.
Repair of the Kemano-Kitimat transmission line. British Columbia.
Dwellings in south Calgary, Alberta.
232nd Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force marching through Battleford, Saskatchewan.
Construction of Alaska highway.
Constable Steve O. Lawson, Alberta Provincial Police.
Dr. W.R. Trost unveils plaque at the Eric L. Harvie Theatre, Banff, Alberta.
Lieutenant-Governor Grant MacEwan plants tree, Calgary, Alberta.
Alberta Ladies College dining room, Red Deer, Alberta.
T. Eaton Company store window, featuring woollen goods.
Corner inside rectory, Rimbey, Alberta.
Horses in corrals on farm, Bowden area, Alberta.
Heritage Park railway bridge, Calgary, Alberta.
Civic picnic, Bowness Park, Calgary, Alberta.
Jack Barkley feeding hens on farm in Twining district, Alberta.
Dipping vat, Thumb Hill, Alberta.
Customer in radio room, Motor Car Supply Company offices, Edmonton, Alberta.