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Daughters of Ross Wallace and friend, Calgary, Alberta.
Ice blocks on conveyor belt, Alberta Ice Company, Keith, Alberta.
Alberta Ice Company Limited, plant machine room, Calgary, Alberta.
Teamster marking ice for cutting, Alberta Ice Company, Keith, Alberta.
Group with Cleveland 6 car near Banff National Park, Alberta.
Baseball game at Lethbridge, Alberta.
13th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta.
Visitors at Hull's Bow Valley ranch, Midnapore, Alberta.
Mount Robson and Emperor Falls, Alberta.
Steam-driven engine on rock cut, Grand Trunk Pacific Railway line, near Jasper, Alberta.
Militia play with an Armoured Personnel Carrier and Lynx, Calgary, Alberta.
Marlborough Triple Theatre, Calgary, Alberta.
Women working in the metal shop, Calgary, Alberta.
A.M. Gibson and Vicky Gibson, Calgary, Alberta.
Bonnie Anderson and Mel Henderson at the Attic Club, Calgary, Alberta.
Alpinists looking at crevasse on Robson glacier, British Columbia.
Horse team pulling automobile out of slough, Standard area, Alberta.
Men haivng mock gunfight in front of 'Death Valley Inn'.
Fraser family in Model T race car, Calgary, Alberta.
Group of farm people, Standard area, Alberta.
50th Anniversary parade, Standard, Alberta.
Homestead Hotel, Standard, Alberta.
Group outside Jens Rasmussen home, Standard area, Alberta.
Farmers at ploughing and crop-planting bee, Standard area, Alberta.
John William Forster ranch house with Royal North West Mounted Police barracks, to the left, Berry Creek ranch, Nateby, Alberta.
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