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Skiing on Mount Norquay near Banff, Alberta.
Log cottage on road, Bankhead, Alberta.
Crowd watching mine rescue and first aid contest, Banff, Alberta.
Regatta [on Bow River?], Banff, Alberta.
Unveiling of plaque in memory of Robert T. Rundle, Rundle Memorial United Church, Banff, Alberta.
Street thronged with people watching coronation parade for King George V, Calgary, Alberta.
George Harrison with hunting trophies, Banff, Alberta.
Lux Theatre, Banff, Alberta.
Banff Avenue, Banff, Alberta.
Ukrainian internees and guards marching down road in winter, Banff, Alberta.
Edward Feuz and Christian Hasler near Banff, Alberta.
Crowd at Covenanter service, Devil's Cauldron, at Highland gathering, Banff, Alberta.
Colonel Alfred Wyndham.
Colonel James F. Macleod and family group
Canadian Pacific Railway diesel locomotive 8413, Cochrane, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway locomotive 843, Brandon, Manitoba.
Mary Dover in Canadian Women's Army Corps uniform with two officers.
Social Credit women's convention, Calgary, Alberta.
Children of Romeo Miquelon and Elodie Charbonneau, Calgary, Alberta.
[Unknown title]
Arrival of 'Cisco Kid' at airport, Calgary, Alberta.
Waiting for entrails at the Blackfeet Indian Agency slaughter house, Montana, USA.
Bates Electrics Welding Machine and Boiler Works.
Noble Cultivators factory, Nobleford, Alberta.
Charles S. Noble home, Nobleford, Alberta.
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