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Grain chopper run by early car in Arrowwood area, Alberta.
Distant view of New Denver, British Columbia.
George Lane golfing, Annadale golf course, Pasadena, California.
Flying E ranch, near Stavely, Alberta.
Canadian Interprovincial Cricket Championship, Calgary, Alberta.
Spectators at Cricket Tournament, Riley Park, Calgary, Alberta.
Alberta cricket team, Edmonton, Alberta.
Waterton Lakes, Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta.
Campbell Floral company shop, Calgary, Alberta.
Interior of Seventh-Day Adventist church, Calgary, Alberta.
Tom Baines with snake, Calgary, Alberta.
Workmen repairing wall at Smithbilt Hats, Calgary, Alberta.
Flood below Bellevue, Alberta.
Coal cars, Rose-Deer mine, Wayne, Alberta.
Miners in Rose-Deer mine, Wayne, Alberta.
Stoney people praying before cutting centre pole for Sun Dance lodge.
Two boys from Red River, Manitoba.
Tom Kincaid, ditch rider, at Canada Land and Irrigation company range station, southern Alberta.
Children of John Rowand Jr.
Pioneer lumber and Beaver lumber company yards, Vauxhall, Alberta.
Visit of northern MLA's to Canada Land and Irrigation Company, Vauxhall, Alberta.
Family in wheat field, Vauxhall area, Alberta.
Implement shed, Otis-Staples farm, Bow River irrigation project, Vauxhall area, Alberta.
Sweet corn crop, Ronalane farm, Ronalane, Alberta.
Vauxhall, Alberta.
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