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Calgary Tigers Football team, Calgary, Alberta.
Canadian Northern Railway station, Lobstick Junction, Alberta.
Canadian Northern Railway locomotive 1046 at Lucerne, British Columbia.
Dancing class at Montessori School, Calgary, Alberta.
Bank of Montreal staff, Calgary, Alberta.
Spencer Brothers Ranch, round-up crew, Milk River area, Alberta.
'Slim' Parker, Milk River, Alberta.
Aerial view of Vulcan, Alberta.
Bucking horse at Vulcan Stampede, Vulcan, Alberta.
Main street, Delburne, Alberta.
Mrs. William Drever.
Hauling separator and portable engine with eight-horse team in Carstairs area, Alberta.
Building Canada Land and Irrigation ditch near Queenstown, Alberta.
Bakery truck at Shaw's store, Midnapore, Alberta.
Winter work on the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway bridge, Delburne area, Alberta.
Round-up camp and Bruns rider, Circle Ranch, Alberta.
School of Agriculture, Claresholm, Alberta.
Main street, Content, Delburne area, Alberta.
Livery and feed stable Cardston, Alberta.
Jim Ryan on bucking horse on Brown Ranch, Queenstown, Alberta.
Bull teams, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Buying horses on J. N. Johnston Farm, Vulcan, Alberta.
Threshing, Vulcan area, Alberta.
Remains after cyclone, Vulcan, Alberta.
Garage, Vulcan, Alberta.
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