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Canadian Pacific Railway locomotive 395, Field, British Columbia.
Cowboy on horses in Milk River, Alberta.
Page from pamphlet promoting Medicine Hat, Alberta.
Maclean's Drugstore, 8th Avenue, Calgary, Alberta.
Map of part of the North-West territory.
Acme, Alberta.
South Piegan people at Sun Dance lodge, Browning, Montana.
Alfred W. F. Cooper, Calgary, Alberta.
View of Berry Creek, Alberta.
Gleichen ferry in the river, Alberta.
Boardinghouse, Vulcan, Alberta.
J. A. Reid, Mrs. J. A. Reid and daughter Oren, Banff, Alberta.
Cree half-breed tipis, Moose Factory, Ontario.
View of Kootenay Pass, Waterton Lakes area, Alberta.
Turner Valley from south of river, Alberta.
Stoney portrait, Banff, Alberta.
Jonas Benjamin, Stoney, and Joe Shaw.
Stoney tipis.
McLaren Lumber Company, Sentinel, Alberta.
Dan Wildman, Stoney.
Oil well, Bow Island, Alberta.
Curling match at Banff, Alberta.
Mrs. John Englishman, Stoney.
Twin bridges at Blackfalds, Alberta.
Group of founders of Canadian Alpine Club, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
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