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'The Western Independent' newspaper, Calgary, Alberta.
Stoney at Banff Carnival, Banff, Alberta.
Pipeline construction, Bow Island, Alberta.
Dan Wildman, Stoney.
Scrubbing plant, Turner Valley gas plant, Alberta.
Family visiting Jasper National Park, Alberta.
First Nations with tipis, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway diesel locomotive 7110, Nelson, British Columbia.
Canadian Pacific Railway locomotive 6110.
Canadian Pacific Railway locomotive 2110, Carlton Place, Ontario.
Man in front of airplane, Calgary, Alberta.
Buchanan Chapel at United Church, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Members of South African Constabulary climbing Plattsburg mountain.
Moonrock arrives at Centennial Planetarium and is handed over to director Sig Wieser, Calgary, Alberta.
Grande Prairie Land Company building, Grande Prairie, Alberta.
A typical trio of cowboys, Montana, USA.