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Reach and Company store, Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Daisy and Irma Rosso, Riverside district, Calgary, Alberta.
Members of Rosso Family, Rome, Italy.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrea Boffa, Calgary, Alberta.
Daisy Rosso, Calgary, Alberta.
Members of the Piemontese Society, Calgary, Alberta.
Tent town, Calgary, Alberta.
Girder reinforcement for aqueduct at Brooks, Alberta.
Suspension bridge over waterfall, Kananaskis, Alberta.
Lake McArthur, Alberta.
Western Canada College cadet corps, Calgary, Alberta.
Allan Turner Bone with pony at farm near Calgary, Alberta.
Bridge across Penobscot River at Ma Hawamkeag, Maine.
Corporal Joseph Pearson Clemmitt of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on the S.S. 'Yukon', Yukon River, Yukon Territory.
Riding school of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police academy, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Murder scene near Naicum, Saskatchewan.
Trappers' meat cache along the Yukon River, Yukon Territory.