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Boy Scouts and Girl Guides, Old Sun Residential School, Blackfoot reserve, Alberta.
Stu Hart and group at Calgary Exhibition and Stampede breakfast, Calgary, Alberta.
Jack Taylor, British Empire wrestling champion, and Helen Hart, Edmonton, Alberta.
Weekly gathering of Cree to hear news of the First World War, at File HIlls Agency, Saskatchewan.
Cree at File Hills Agency, Saskatchewan.
Boy in front of Cree tipi at File Hills reserve, Saskatchewan.
Tan Thee Loc?, Chinese, on staff at General Hospital, Calgary, Alberta.
Slavey man with birch bark canoe, Mackenzie River, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Sam Porter family, Medicine Hat, Alberta.
Arnold Montgomery riding 'Undecided' at Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.
Négociants et navires du commerce avec le Canada de 1660 à 1760: dictionnaire biographique
'D. A. Thomas', steamboat, Peace River, Alberta.
Antelope hunters near Brooks, Alberta.
Wyndham homesite and ditch.
Her Royal Highness Queen Mary of England.
Gymkhana in Calgary, Alberta.
Interior of Rawlinson Brothers Ranch, Calgary area, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway passenger train with locomotive 98, Medicine Hat, Alberta.
Blackfoot inside pallisade at Hudson's Bay Company replica, Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, Alberta.
Lousetown, across from Dawson, Yukon Territory.
William and Thomas Carey families, Canmore, Alberta.
Thomas Riley, Calgary, Alberta.
The Monte Carlo, Dawson, Yukon Territory.
Glenbow School, Cochrane area, Alberta.
Sioux chief Long Dog and scout George Wells, Fort Walsh, Saskatchewan.
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