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W. C. Lumbers, Calgary, Alberta.
Round-up Club, Calgary, Alberta.
Doctor George Macdonald, Calgary, Alberta.
Norway House Mission.
Formal event, Calgary, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway diesel locomotive 8551, Nelson, British Columbia.
Royal Dining Room and Coffee Shop Limited, Calgary, Alberta.
First banquet of Fogolar Furlan di Calgary, Calgary, Alberta.
The Right Reverend Henry Allen Gray, First Lord Bishop of Edmonton, Alberta.
137th Battalion military parade, Calgary, Alberta.
Fogolar Furlan 25th anniversary banquet, Calgary, Alberta.
Tom and Stella Grasswick, Calgary, Alberta
Panoramic view of Wetaskiwin, Alberta.
Otis Ivan Strong, Calgary, Alberta
Lillian Grainger, Calgary, Alberta.
Bridge construction, southern Alberta
Signori children at their first communion.
Luigia (Luisa) and Gioacchino De Marchi, Fonzaso, Belluno, Italy.
A mock mexican wedding ceremony, Calgary, Alberta.
Joan Boyes at Nissen family farm, Peace River area, Alberta.
Joan, Russell and Douglas Boyes, at Brownvale church, Brownvale, Alberta.
De Negri family, Calgary, Alberta.
No. 11 supply depot, Calgary, Alberta.
Farquharson homestead, Madden, Alberta
Group in Lethbridge, Alberta.
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