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Man sitting in doorway with rifle, Calgary Petroleum Products office, Turner Valley, Alberta.
Distant view of oil derrick, Turner Valley, Alberta.
A. Ray Dingman standing on road, Turner Valley, Alberta.
Gwendolyn Hammond, wearing gown, dressed for presentation at court.
Construction of Dingman #2 well (Calgary Petroleum Products #2), Turner Valley, Alberta.
Mr. Justice Harold W. Riley, Wetaskiwin, Alberta.
Gasoline tanks and loading station, Turner Valley, Alberta
Sheep Creek (Sheep River), near Turner Valley, Alberta.
Arthur B. Himmelman in front of his workshop with sailboat, 'The Banchee', Calgary, Alberta.
Distant view of Dingman #1 well (Calgary Petroleum Products #1), Turner Valley, Alberta.
Drillers at Dingman #1 well (Calgary Petroleum Products #1), Turner Valley, Alberta.
Bridge, Turner Valley, Alberta
Woman sitting on dock in lake.
A. Ray Dingman reading inside of Chinook Club, Calgary, Alberta.
Dunvegan, Alberta on the Peace River.
Oil refining equipment including two stills and condensers, Turner Valley, Alberta.
E.D. Adams driving carriage pulled by horse 'Bill', at exhibition grounds, Calgary, Alberta.
Council of Rural Municipality of Redberry, number 435, Hafford, Saskatchewan.
Ukrainian students at Normal School, Regina, Saskatchewan.