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Reilly family in Calgary, Alberta.
Charles W. Dingman on porch of Calgary Petroleum Products office, Turner Valley, Alberta.
Unidentified woman, Turner Valley, Alberta.
Prairie view, near Turner Valley, Alberta.
Workshop of Arthur B. Himmelman, Calgary, Alberta.
First cabin at Big Horn Ranger Station on Gorge Creek, Alberta.
Water skiing on Vermilion Lakes, Banff, Alberta.
Edna Branley posing beside automobile on honeymoon trip from Saskatoon to California.
Burnett home, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Archibald Frederic Key, Calgary, Alberta.
James R. Bannerman.
Girls standing on condenser, Turner Valley, Alberta.
Drill engine and unidentified man, Dingman #1 well (Calgary Petroleum Products #1), Turner Valley, Alberta.
Guards and internees at Castle Mountain internment camp, Alberta.
Interior of drill shack, Turner Valley, Alberta.
Man holding hawk, Turner Valley, Alberta.
Peace River ferry landing in winter.
Draining the pipe of oil after pulled from well, Dingman #1 (Calgary Petroleum Products #1), Turner Valley, Alberta.
Dog owned by E. D. Adams, Calgary, Alberta.
Pacific Cartage company horses, Calgary, Alberta.
Marion Mackay (later Marion Nicoll) and other artists posing outdoors, Alberta.
Man in car in front of Chinook Club, Calgary, Alberta.
Gasoline tanks and loading station, Turner Valley, Alberta.
Close up of natural gas extracting equipment, Dingman #1 (Calgary Petroleum Products #1) well, Turner Valley, Alberta.
Construction of Dingman #2 derrick (Calgary Petroleum Products #2), Turner Valley, Alberta.