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Cement mixer for aqueduct construction, Brooks, Alberta.
Malcolm T. Millar ranch on Sheep Creek (Sheep River) near Millarville, Alberta.
Construction work on Oldman flume, Lethbridge Northern Irrigation district, Fort Macleod area, Alberta.
Stoney people on 2nd Street during Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, Calgary, Alberta.
Construction of extension to Hudson's Bay company store, Calgary, Alberta.
Bird's eye view of girder construction, Imperial Oil building, Calgary, Alberta.
School, Sentinel, Alberta.
School and teacherage, Jenner, Alberta.
School, coal shed and toilets, Willow Lake, Alberta.
School, Evergreen, Alberta.
School and teacherage, Atlee, Alberta.
School, Millard, Alberta
Log cabins under construction, Bear Island, Northwest Territories.
Ladies Aid group, Ukrainian Orthodox church, Canora, Saskatchewan.
William Jasper Rodgers.
Students and teacher at school, New Holland, Alberta.
Aerial view of Burns meat packing plant and stockyards, Calgary, Alberta.
A man at rest at a campsite in the foothills, probably in southern Alberta.
Bridge in snow, British Columbia.
Payment to Grand Trunk Pacific Railway workers, British Columbia.
Bus stuck in mud, Rossland area, British Columbia.
Canadian Yelloway Lines Limited buses, Pontiac, Michigan.
Learmonth motor lines bus, Willow Point, British Columbia.
Learmonth motor lines bus leaving Trail, British Columbia.
Central Canadian Greyhound lines bus, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
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