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Laura Pilling (Mrs. Richard A. Pilling) and daughter.
Mario Rebaudengo dressed in sailor suit, Calgary, Alberta.
Members of Italian Community on a picnic, Calgary, Alberta.
Wallie Brailey playing xylophone, Calgary, Alberta.
Metis wedding at Le Goff mission, near Grand Centre, Alberta.
Miss Edmonton riding on car during parade, Edmonton, Alberta.
Calgary Brewing and Malting Company display, Calgary, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. Emil Sick with Purple Label airways plane, Calgary, Alberta
Prisoners at internment camp, Kananaskis, Alberta.
Joe Dion at organizing meeting, Elizabeth Metis settlement, Alberta.
First Tibetan wedding in Alberta, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Hallaban Gourley and friends on 4th Street SW, Calgary, Alberta.
Tom Wilson in the Siffleur Valley.