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Frank Manolson, wearing chaps, Calgary, Alberta.
Three beet plants showing growth resulting from fertilization.
Marion E. Moodie in walking out uniform of nursing sister in medical corps.
Bombardier snowmobile, winter transportation, Norway House, Manitoba.
Bernice Budinski, East Coulee, Alberta.
Train car on Macleans truck, East Coulee, Alberta.
Wedding truck of Joseph and Doryce Repas, East Coulee, Alberta.
Heney's saddlers, Vancouver, British Columbia
Staff of The Albertan packaging newspapers, Calgary, Alberta.
Duke of Connaught inspecting 137th Battalion, Calgary, Alberta.
Nurses at old hospital, Norway House, Manitoba.
Railway bridge over Red Deer River being demolished, East Coulee, Alberta.
'Salathiel', racehorse with J. Craigmyle as jockey.
Miners at Copper Cliff, Ontario.
Woman seated on side saddle.
Miner on coal mine cart, East Coulee, Alberta.
Cortege passing through churchyard during Richard Bedford Bennett's funeral at Mickleham, Surrey, England.
Richard Bedford Bennett's house at Mickleham, Surrey, England.
Haselwood Brothers grist mill, Camrose, Alberta.
Girls drying their hair in sun, Camrose area, Alberta.
Men drinking at a bar, Camrose, Alberta.
Amber Glenn, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Members of the Kirkham family, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Henry Y. Pawling family, Wainwright, Alberta.