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Mooter Farein of I.L. Peretz School, Calgary, Alberta.
Marjory and Jean Boye.
Anthony Earnshaw, radio engineer in Canadian Army, Canada.
Standard J-1 aircraft (G-CAHU) owned by C. E. Hewitt, F.E. Thompson and H. A. Vance of Calgary, Alberta.
Noble Foundation office, King Street, Nobleford, Alberta.
Wedding portrait of Charles and Margaret Noble, Calgary, Alberta.
Pioneers on Edson trail, Alberta.
Madame Olga Valda of Calgary and Walking Buffalo (George McLean), Stoney Reserve, Alberta.
Noble family outside Grandview farm, east of Nobleford, Alberta.
Recruits from Grande Prairie at Sarcee Army Camp, Calgary, Alberta.
Radio, Medicine Hat, Alberta.
Charles S. Noble home, Nobleford, Alberta.
Sunday School picnic, Langdon, Alberta.