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Small bear in tree along Banff-Windermere highway. Banff National Park, Alberta, Windermere, British Columbia.
Children on steps of Weedon School, Cochrane, Alberta.
Mrs. Mary Ann Dowler, in fur coat and hat, Calgary, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. Green, American owners of Strathmore Farming Company, Namaka area, Alberta.
Sewing room at Calgary Normal School, Calgary, Alberta.
Group on ferry, Dorothy, Alberta.
Officers and day shift miners, Humberstone Coal Company, Edmonton, Alberta.
Retail Clerks' Association Relay Team, Calgary, Alberta.
Chief Francis Bull, Cree, and head of Louis Bull band, Hobbema reserve, Alberta.
Dressmaking class, Parkdale Junior High School, Calgary, Alberta.
Mrs. Fawkes, wife of Bill Fawkes, Namaka area, Alberta.
Interior of bunkhouse, Brule area, Alberta.
Wilhelm Graalfs family and friends, at Golden West brewery, Nose Creek, Alberta.
Boy Scout troop, Elbow Park, Calgary, Alberta.
Pack train negotiating mountain side, whilst going through McLeod River area, Alberta.
Women's Missionary Society meeting at Munro home, Carstairs, Alberta.
Christine and Isabel Munro, Carstairs, Alberta.
Women playing cricket at Riley Park, Calgary, Alberta.
LeMarche and Fairburn, trappers, with fur catch, Fairview area, Alberta.
Duck Chief, Blackfoot head chief.
Pit head, Security coal mine, Wabamun, Alberta.