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Doctor J.D. 'Don' Weir running an elevation at Taber field, Taber, Alberta.
Canadian Oil and Gas Company Rodgers Deadhorse Coulee #1.
Walter M. Tovell with plane table, California Standard field party, Milk River, Alberta
Rock crushing station, 4 miles east of Jasper, Alberta.
Chautauqua tent at Craik, Saskatchewan.
Sign advertising Galt coal, Calgary, Alberta.
Signs for Canadian Estates Company, Calgary, Alberta.
Men playing croquet at Harry Partridge residence, Sintaluta, Saskatchewan.
Signs for sale at Messieurs Bradley and Tuck. Possibly in Calgary.
Beverly Crier at Hobbema Indian Days, Hobbema, Alberta.
[First name unknown] Buffalo at Hobbema Indian Days, Hobbema, Alberta.
Chautauqua loaded for shipping, Western Canada.
Mrs. Magnus Haugen in automobile.
Elevator construction gang.