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Advance Rumely tractor on railway flatbed car, Calgary, Alberta.
Pascal and John McGillis, Metis, on H2 Ranch, southern, Alberta.
Katherine Stinson, air pilot, Calgary, Alberta.
Brazeau falls on the Brazeau River, Alberta.
Survey crew members loading canoe, Athabasca river, Alberta.
Lower Blairmore strata exposed in sequence, Blairmore, Alberta.
Ruins of Old Bow Fort, near Morley, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway construction camp near Leanchoil, British Columbia.
Christopher Leckie family, Austin area, Manitoba.
Binders on main street Viking, Alberta.
School children, Glenlea School district, Viking area, Alberta.
John Bradshaw and family, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Dillane family in front of sod barn, Viking area, Alberta.
Mr. Nels and Mrs. Nordstrom in automobile, Viking, Alberta.
Sergeants of D and H Divisions, Fort Macleod, Alberta, North-West Mounted Police.
'Whippet car', Viking, Alberta.
Sawing logs on Dillane farm, Viking area, Alberta.
Milk wagon of Viking Co-op Creamery Association, Viking, Alberta.
Surveyor boiling water for tea on the Red Deer River, Saskatchewan.
Machinery and machine shed destruction caused by tornado, Viking area, Alberta.
School band, Viking, Alberta.
Kananaskis falls on the Bow river, Alberta.
Ferry boat on the Peace River, Dunvegan, Alberta.
Majorettes in reception for parade for Stampeders, Calgary, Alberta.