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Races at Millarville, Alberta.
Imperial Oil refinery, Calgary, Alberta.
Frank W. B. Mirlte, Calgary, Alberta.
J. Glen Elder, Calgary, Alberta.
Fane Polley, Calgary, Alberta.
Members of the Rotary Club, Calgary, Alberta.
W. R. Maccarthur, Calgary, Alberta.
R. W. Ward, Calgary, Alberta.
J.M. Erickson, Chautauqua manager, at convention, Grant Hall, Brandon, Manitoba.
Thomas Chiniki, head chief of the Stoneys.
Group of Masonic party resting beside fire, Cascade Mountain, Alberta.
William E. Traill, chief trader, Hudson's Bay Company.
Chautauqua committee booster, North Battleford, Saskatchewan.
View of Banff, Alberta looking west.
Thomas Wilson's homestead.
Construction of Canadian Northern Railway bridge.
Catharine Walsh Dowling on 'Huntsman'.
Cora L.M. Coultry, nee Spearman.
Officers of 31 Battalion, Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force, Calgary, Alberta.
Chicken coop on Stephenson homestead, High River, Alberta.
Phillips family and friends beside tent homes, Calgary, Alberta.
Threshing machine and crew, North Dakota.
Riverside Iron Works, Calgary, Alberta.
Calgary Castle, Isle of Mull, Scotland.