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Unveiling of war memorial, Banff, Alberta.
S.S. 'Northland Call' and S.S. 'Northland Light' frozen in Athabasca River, Athabasca Landing, Alberta.
Pacific Great Eastern Railway gasoline motor car 101, Lillooet, British Columbia.
Aerial view of Pratt and Whitney Canada Incorporated, Calgary, Alberta.
Maud Amelia Spankie and Dr. William Ernest Spankie and daughter Evelyn, Calgary, Alberta.
New Canadian Food Fair at Civic Centre, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Jean Gauld in dance costume, Calgary, Alberta.
United Air Transport Ford 4AT Trimotor plane, Edmonton, Alberta.
Original house and office of general manager, Alexo Coal Company Limited, Alexo, Alberta.
Surveying above the Alexo Coal Company Limited mine, Alexo area, Alberta.
Lockheed Vega plane at airport, Edmonton, Alberta.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police detachment, Alexo, Alberta.
Alexo Coal Company Limited tipple, Alexo, Alberta.
U. S. Douglas army co-op plane, Edmonton, Alberta.
Tennis on grass court, Alexo, Alberta.
Bunkhouse and hotel, Alexo Coal Company Limited, Alexo, Alberta.
Alma and Mary Weaton, Innisfail, Alberta.
Raising new smoke stack, Alexo Coal Company Limited, Alexo, Alberta.
Alexo Coal Company Limited, Alexo, Alberta.
Youths ski-joring behind horse-drawn sleigh through Alexo, Alberta.
Children on sleigh ride, Alexo, Alberta.
Group in front of 'Johnston's Refreshments', Bowden, Alberta.
Stockpiled stoker coal, Alexo Coal Company Limited, Alexo, Alberta.
Cutting ice, Alexo, Alberta.
Office interior, Innisfail, Alberta.
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