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Adventurous Albertans : the women and men who built this province
Construction of Royalite Gasoline plant, Turner Valley, Alberta.
Merland #1 well explosion, Turner Valley, Alberta.
Canadian Red Cross Society ambulance in England.
Candy sale held by Mount Royal junior Red Cross branch, Calgary, Alberta.
Blood donor clinic at Red Cross House, Calgary, Alberta.
Share certificate for Water-Tight Dipper, Dredge and Mining Company Limited, Calgary, Alberta.
Mrs. T. L. O'Keefe with Lieutenant Colonel N. A. Robinson, Calgary, Alberta.
Hydrotherapy for Junior Red Cross Hospital patients, Calgary, Alberta.
Nurse and patient outside Junior Red Cross Hospital, Calgary, Alberta.
Grain Exchange Building, Calgary, Alberta.
Graduates from St. Mary's School, Blood reserve, southern Alberta.
Cree woman at Red Cross sale, Rife, Alberta.
Catherine, daughter of Chief Kinbasket, Shuswap, near Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia.
Doctor D.G. McQueen, Belcher Hospital, Calgary, Alberta.
Children in Red Cross Hospital, Calgary, Alberta.
Relief workers in Bankview area, Calgary, Alberta.
No. 2 wireless building, North Hill, Calgary, Alberta.
Washout of gravity pipe-line, Calgary, Alberta.
Officer Commanding and staff, Colonel Belcher Hospital, Calgary, Alberta.
School at Junior Red Cross children's hospital, Calgary, Alberta.
Nurses at old Colonel Belcher Hospital, Calgary, Alberta.
Nurses at Colonel Belcher Hospital, Calgary, Alberta.
Doctor Irial Gogan, first lay administrator of Holy Cross Hospital, Calgary, Alberta.
Doctor Frederick W. Stockton, Calgary, Alberta.