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William Sargeant, shoemaker, Calgary, Alberta.
Ferry on the Little Smoky River, Alberta.
James Abel Hornby and daughter in Bowness area, near Calgary, Alberta.
Traffic and railway bridge over Crowsnest River, Alberta.
Main street Bellevue, Alberta.
Parade Honouring returned war veterans, Wainwright, Alberta.
Remains of Frank, Alberta.
Dawson, Yukon Territory.
North-West Mounted Police-men, Big Salmon, Yukon Territory.
Dominion Lands certificate.
Metis scrip Issued to Baptiste Waniyande.
I. G. Baker tokens counter-stamped by Hudson's Bay Company (HBC), Fort MacLeod, Alberta.
Stores on 8th Avenue East, Calgary, Alberta.
Boy with horse and cutter, Stoney Point, Alberta.
Anglican church mission girls washing clothes at Wabasca, Alberta.
Treaty time for Cree people, Wabasca, Alberta.