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Hans Jaeggi and boy, Sulphur Mountain Chalet, Banff, Alberta.
Ski mountaineering in the Canadian Rockies, Alberta.
Penley's Western Drug Mart gets expansion, Calgary, Alberta.
Double Rider, Blood.
Tom Four Horns, Peigan.
Tom-Spotted-Bull, Blood.
Sanatorium, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
Telephone linesmen with truck and cable, southern Alberta.
Johnson family in front of Dominion Hotel, Midnapore, Alberta.
Main street, Viking, Alberta.
C. Jack Ethier, trapper in Aklavik area, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Wilfred Reid 'Wop' May flying the 'City of Edmonton' behind the Prince of Wales' train.
Airplane unloading supplies at Stony Rapids, Saskatchewan.
Bellanca airplane crashed at Fort Vermilion, Alberta.
Walter Gilbert and Rudy Heuss, bush pilots with mail airplane.
H. C. Neal, postal inspector on first air mail flight to Camsell River, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Court May sitting in Katherine Stinson's airplane, Edmonton, Alberta.
First picnic, Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Hudson's Bay Company schooner 'Aklavik' being beached for the winter at Bernard Harbour, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Aerial view of police and Albert Johnson during chase, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Commercial Airways Limited Junkers CF-ADW at Fort McMurray, Alberta.
Post office, Fort McMurray, Alberta.