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Train carrying University of Alberta engineering students on field trip to Cadomin, Alberta.
Construction of Glenmore dam, Calgary, Alberta.
Single driver and buggy, Edmonton, Alberta.
Scows on Vermilion chutes, on Peace River, Alberta.
Army training, Western Canada.
Small Face, Blood.
Tom Daly, Blood.
Chicky, Peigan.
Maurice Olivier of Olivier's candy store, Calgary, Alberta.
90th Battalion, Winnipeg Rifles, Canadian Expeditionary Force, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Alberta Government Telephones crew and truck, southern Alberta.
George and Madeline Hodgson and family, on Sarcee reserve, Calgary, Alberta.
Corporal U.G. Green, Royal North-West Mounted Police, Medicine Hat, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Jackson beside their tar paper shack, Brooks, Alberta.
Last round-up of P. Burns cattle, southern Alberta.
Jackson construction camp, Brooks, Alberta.
Train at railway station, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Royal North-West Mounted Policemen in military funeral, Calgary, Alberta.
Entry to Calgary exhibition and stampede grounds.
8th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta.
8th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta.
Winner of Birks' musical award, Calgary, Alberta.
Charlie McDonald on 15-27 Wallis tractor, Ghost Pine creek area, Alberta.
Threshing crew, Carbon area, Alberta.
Merle Anderson at Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.
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