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Digital traffic control lights, Calgary, Alberta.
Push pole and slide chute haying outfit. Sweep bringing in hay in, Bow Valley Farm, Midnapore, Alberta. .
Round-up wagon on Windmill Flat, North of the Blacktail, Milk River area, southern Alberta.
Horses herd in corral, Brower Ranch, Aden, Alberta.
Boy riding pig, Langdon area, Alberta.
Inuit camp after abandonment of snow house, Nunavut.
Rock cache at village of Nuwata, Nunavut.
Cattle at Swift's feed lot, Edmonton, Alberta.
Glacier House Hotel and station, British Columbia.
Surveyors at office near east portal of Connaught Tunnel, Bear Creek area, British Columbia.
Beaver Canyon near Beavermouth, Selkirk Mountains, British Columbia.
Canadian Pacific Railway construction at west portal of Selkirk (later Connaught) Tunnel.
Trapper's cabin, Bear Creek area, Selkirk Mountains, British Columbia.