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Crowd gathered outside Calgary Cycle Store, Calgary, Alberta.
50th Battalion of Canadian Expeditionary Force parading on 1st Street SW, Calgary, Alberta.
Two-storey, Windsor Hotel, Lundbreck, Alberta.
J. Lipkind's store, Daysland, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Riddock, Fort Churchill, Manitoba.
Erlton and Grandview districts, Calgary, Alberta.
Charles Riddock's house, Calgary, Alberta.
Frank Riddock, Calgary, Alberta.
Rockwood School, west of Derbytown and north of Sundre, Alberta.
Moving of service station, Calgary, Alberta.
Tuggle farm, Didsbury area, Manitoba.
Mrs. Helen Erwin, Chautauqua actress, Western Canada.
Rubble after Rosebud hotel burned, Didsbury, Alberta.
Entry in sports day parade, Carstairs, Alberta.
Hudson's Bay Company store, Calgary, Alberta.
Men building a boundary mound on the International Boundary.
Captain John A. Birney, Calgary, Alberta.
Scott's livery and feed stable, Calgary, Alberta.
Simon C. Ostrom on homestead, Springbank district, Alberta.
Children of Barton, Robinson and Barkley families.
Gravel crushing outfit south of Midnapore, Alberta.