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Cowboy on horseback roping a steer on the prairie, Montana , USA.
First wood monument, Custer battlefield, Little Big Horn, Montana, USA.
Indian pony race at Cheyenne Agency, Lame Deer Valley, Montana, USA.
Cowboys riding horses to a round-up, Montana, USA.
The SL outfit at dinner during round-up, Montana, USA.
Steam engine and threshing machine, near Dickson, Alberta.
Niblock and Tull real estate and steamship office, Calgary, Alberta.
Interior of wolfer's cabin, Missouri badlands, USA.
Annie, Cheyenne girl.
The foreman telling off his riders for the circle, Montana, USA.
Rain in the Face, Huncapapa Sioux, Fort Keogh, USA.
Sheep beside Powder River, Montana, USA.
The Yellowstone River from Pompey's Pillar, Montana, USA.
Black bear caught in a leg-hold trap, Montana, USA.
Sits Down Spotted, young Crow warrior, Fort Keogh, USA.
Wolf Voice, Cheyenne warrior in war clothing.