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Cattle herd on range, Montana, USA.
Branding calves in corral, Montana, USA.
A roped steer, Montana round-up.
Anglican church, Calgary, Alberta.
Paul Isaken washing clothes, Dickson, Alberta.
Mount Niblock, Lake Louise area, Alberta.
Gustave Alfred Anderson's home near Markerville, Alberta.
Major Henry Orsmby Boyd, M.D.
Brazeau Collieries Limited, Nordegg area, Alberta.
Ticket office, Canadian Pacific Railway, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Buffalo hunter taking only the tongues, of slaughtered buffalo, Northern Montana, USA.
View of grain elevators, Cluny, Alberta.
Fire Wolf, Sioux scout.
Spotted Fawn, Cheyenne girl.
Black Wolf, Cheyenne.
Jennie Wallace, Crow, standing in field, Montana, USA.
Henry Tunis on his horse 'C Dot', Montana, USA.
Round-up camp on the move across the prairie, Montana, USA.
A lynx caught in a leg-hold trap, Montana, USA.
Lame Deer Cheyenne Agency, distant view from the west, Montana, USA.
Two dead bears and bull elk, Montana, USA.
Sheep grazing at Cap Butte, Powder River Badlands, Montana, USA.
Where Custer fell, Custer's Hill, Montana, USA.