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Burned miner, Gus Kobec, in hospital at Hinton, Alberta.
Pete Krytor and saddle horse 'Jasper' at King's Ranch, Hinton, Alberta.
Mount Royal College special report, Calgary, Alberta.
Florence Plourd and John Turner, Barons, Alberta.
Otto and George Wobeck's threshing outfit, Barons, Alberta.
Berry pickers, Barrons, Alberta.
View of Barons, Alberta.
Crowds watching baseball game, Alix Fair, Alix, Alberta.
Picnicers at Shepard, Alberta.
Main Street with people and buggies, Alix, Alberta.
Hans Blegen and ox-drawn wagon, Cereal area, Alberta.
Threshing wheat near Cereal, Alberta.
Curling rink, Excel, Alberta.
Brass band, Delia, Alberta.
Riel Rebellion troops in coulee en route to Long Lake, Saskatchewan.