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Church of the Redeemer, Anglican church, Calgary, Alberta.
Horse race, Calgary, Alberta.
Ceremony at Calgary, Alberta.
Wilmer, British Columbia.
Camping at Spray Lakes, Alberta.
Stoney tipi near Banff, Alberta.
Cowboy and horse at log cabin, Alberta.
Pacific Great Eastern Railway locomotive 160, Lillooet, British Columbia.
Canadian National Railways locomotive 2015, Scarboro, Ontario.
Canadian National Railways locomotive 2035.
Canadian Pacific Railway locomotive 3205, Vancouver, British Columbia.
Congregation in the Buddhist Church, Raymond, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway locomotive 2055, Trois-Rivieres, Quebec.
Canadian Pacific Railway locomotive 1205, Ogden Shops, Calgary, Alberta.
Reverend Yutetsu Kawamura, Buddhist minister, and family, Raymond, Alberta.
Sherwin Moriyama at Hanamatsuri (Birthday Service of Buddha), Raymond, Alberta.
Aerial view of Canterra Building in downtown city centre, Calgary, Alberta.
F.W. Godsal Ranch and view of Rocky Mountains, near Cowley, Alberta.
Prudential Insurance Company staff, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Narrow gauge locomotive and hopper cars at dam site, Bassano, Alberta.
Looking north at flooded Elbow River, Calgary, Alberta.
Excavation for third pier of the flume over Willow Creek, Alberta.
Seabolt ranch house and cabins on Bar F ranch, Hinton, Alberta.
Charles John Brydges.
Bungalow of Duke of Sutherland, Brooks, Alberta.
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