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Horse-drawn cutter, South-east Alberta.
Facility for those afflicted with poverty, Calgary, Alberta.
Tuggle farm, Didsbury area, Manitoba.
Royal North-West Mounted Police en route to recruiting station, Calgary, Alberta.
Delivery truck, City Grocery Stores, Edmonton, Alberta.
Major-General Thomas Bland Strange.
W. H. Upton, Pincher Creek, Alberta
Mr. and Mrs. Maclean, Pincher Creek, Alberta.
Department of transportation radio van, Calgary, Alberta.
Crowsnest Council, R.T.of T., Pincher Creek, Alberta
Pincher Creek party at gymkhana, Roo Dee Ranch, Pincher Creek, Alberta
Laying track for Alberta and Great Waterways railway, Alberta.
School vans for Lethbridge school division number 7, Calgary, Alberta.
Husky dog, in parachute harness, Alaska Highway area.
Stack-threshing on Schultz farm, south of Red Deer Lake, Alberta.
Trafton's Candy Mill, Calgary, Alberta.
Henri de Riviere 'Frenchy', with pack dog, Pincher Creek, Alberta.
Mrs. Robarts W. Elton, Pincher Creek, Alberta.
Lockie Bell family, Pincher Creek, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs Robert Gladstone, Pincher Creek, Alberta.
Group at Victoria Park fairgrounds, Calgary, Alberta.