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Canadian National Railways train wreck, two miles south of Alix, Alberta.
Canadian National Railways pump repair shop, Mirror, Alberta.
Stooked field of grain, Irma area, Alberta.
4-H Club members with calves, Irma, Alberta.
Miss K. Reeves with pupils at Albert School, Irma area, Alberta.
Road grader, Irma area, Alberta.
William G. Gilmore, Calgary, Alberta.
George Beston family in motor-bike and sidecar, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Chautauqua tent, Nanton, Alberta.
Alberta Ice Company loading platform, Keith area, Bow River, Calgary, Alberta.
Welcoming arch on 9th Avenue, Calgary, Alberta.
Children at Lake McGregor School, Alberta.
Procession from Paget Hall to Pro-Cathedral, Calgary, Alberta.
Lake Louise, Alberta.
Cricket at Riley Park, Calgary, Alberta.
Grading at Union cemetery, Calgary, Alberta.
Rotary snow plough in the Selkirk Range, British Columbia.
William R. Reader, parks superintendent, Calgary, Alberta.
Central Park [Memorial Park], Calgary, Alberta.
Wholesale district, Calgary, Alberta.
Golfers at the municipal golf club, Calgary, Alberta.
Skating on Bow River, Calgary, Alberta.
Farm family leaving dried out farm, Morse, Saskatchewan to Carrot River, Saskatchewan.
Silver City at the base of Castle Mountain, Alberta.
Cutting ice blocks at Keith, Bowness, Calgary, Alberta.