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Damaged airplane G-CASN at Fort Fitzgerald, Alberta.
Inspector A. N. Eames and Corporal R. S. Wild, Alklavik, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Chipewyan children with toy sled.
Wiley Post and Will Rogers in Lockheed Orion, Aklavik, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Crew involved in first northern air mail flights.
Western Aviators' first annual convention, Calgary, Alberta.
Pitchblends ore in sacks at Eldorado Mine, Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Hugh Robinson's pusher-type Curtiss airplane, Edmonton, Alberta.
Lieutenant Wilfred Reid 'Wop' May, of Edmonton, Alberta.
Albert Johnson's cabin on Rat River, Northwest Territories (NWT) after being destroyed by Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
Matt Berry, pilot and Frank Hartley, engineer for Canadian Airways Limited.
Bellanca Pacemaker, CF-AKI, leaving Fort McMurray on mercy flight.