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Aerial view of downtown city centre and surrounding areas, Calgary, Alberta.
Imperial Shell Stolberg well #1, Alberta.
Heiland bush camp, Nordegg, Alberta.
Drilling rig, Kamsack-Coutts #1 well, near Kamsack, Saskatchewan.
Model of Royal Canadian Corps of Signals cap badge, Calgary, Alberta.
Horseman's Hall of Fame at the Calgary Brewing and Malting Company, Calgary, Alberta.
Long distance telephone operators, Calgary, Alberta.
Group of workmen, Edmonton, Alberta.
Riders of Military Colonization Company Ranch, Bow River, south of Shepard, Alberta.
Laying cement sidewalks, Nokomis, Saskatchewan.
Cross in memory of two victims of Frog Lake Massacre, 1885.
Frederick M. Roger, chairman of the Innisfail Public School District, Innisfail, Alberta.
Charles Marshall, Innisfail, Alberta.
E. T. Stiles, Innisfail, Alberta.
View of street, Innisfail, Alberta.
J. Stewart, member of first town council, Innisfail, Alberta.
Front Street, from the west, Innisfail, Alberta.
Members of the Innisfail Rifle Association, Innisfail, Alberta.
James A. Youmans and his wife, Mary Jane, McDougall Orphanage, Morley, Alberta.
Jesse Stewart's store, Innisfail, Alberta.
Royal Hotel and Union Bank, Innisfail, Alberta.
Doukhobor women, Canora, Saskatchewan.
Creamery convention, Innisfail, Alberta.
Louis Riel's prison in Regina, Saskatchewan.
Cover of program of provincial inauguration ceremonies, Edmonton, Alberta.