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[Former Chairman of Air Canada Bryce MacKasey, is fired on September 18th.]
Chain gang'
No more mister nice guy.'
Security... I wish to report a suspicious vehicle in the neighborhood'
The 20 dollars is for the barrel... wait till they hear the price of oil.'
Cause and effect.'
..Over and out!'
The foundling'
The Incredible Hulk'
I tell ya, Sidney ... those expensive drinks can ruin yer health.'
[Hunting season opens in Alberta.]
Where are we headed, comrade captain?'
Stocking stuffer.'
The Eagle has landed!'
It needs a tune-up!'
Coming and going.'
[Technology increases unemployment.]
All right, now .... who wants the part of Darth Vader?'
[Deficit defined.]
[Former premier has nose for politics.]
[41/2% wool pulled over his eyes.]
[Boarding of the Progressive Conservative ark.]
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