R.C.M.P. "St. Roch" Frozen in at Cambridge Bay, Victoria Island, Nunavut
Inuit Mother and Child - Thom Bay, Boothia
Eight Inuit, large sled, dogs resting Amongst the Islands, Bathurst Inlet Nunavut
House in Charlesburg - Quebec
Four Inuit Women Well-dressed in Warm-hooded Clothes Bathurst Inlet N.W.T.
Igloo camp in the seaice - St. Andrew's Anglican Mission - Prince Albert Sound, Victoria Island, N.W.T.
R.C.M.P,  "St. Roch" Franklin Strait Northwest Passage Nunavut
Musk OX  (picture 2) Thelon Game Sanctuary Reindeer Herd, Alaska
Cape Bonnty - Melville Island
Caribou Swimming Thelon Game Sanctuary Reindeer Herd, Alaska
R.C.A.F. Norseman - Cambridge Bay, Victoria Island, Nunavut
Dog Sled Team - Anglican Mission - Coppermine Nunavut
Cape Hotham - Cornwallis Island
Inuit women hauling on hlock and tackle. Hauling supplies from boat landing up hill to H.B.C. store - Pangnirtung Cumberland Pen - Nunavut
R.C.M.P. "St. Roch" remained here from Sept 3, 1941 to August 4, 1942 - Pasley Bay, Boothia Pen
Imperial oil storagetanks and warehouse at Aklavik N.W.T.
The S.S. Nascopie ship amidst broken ice just off a coastline
A double igloo with connecting passage - Prince Albert Sound. Victoria Island, N.W.T
Left to right: Miller, Latady, Ferris, B.Kauffman, D.Molenaar, A.Kauffman Party on the summit of Mt. Dr. Elias (ca. 18,008') with Flags of Arctic Institute of North America. Mt. Dr. Elias Ascent
Cape Riley - Erehus Bay
Caribou - Barreu Ground Caribou Crossing near mouth of Little River - Nueltin Lake N.W.Extremity, Nunavut
Ice floes close to King Point East of Herschel Island
Island from Anckorage, Beechey Island
Ejaa Thara, Inuk woman and Child "She is very light skinned and looks oriental" (Henry Larsen) - Lord Mayor Bay ( Thom Bay), Nunavut
Native Schooners, "North Star" and "Nigalik" - Tuktuk
Inuk women - Thom Bay
Dealy Island
H.B.Co. Store and Warehouse at Aklavik N.W.T.
Trading post at mouth of Windy River looking North Nueltin Lake, N.W.Extremity, Nunavut
This is a Canadian-built Lancaster has been converted to a photographic plane[...]
Near mouth of Windy River Pamala, Medicine man of the Upper Kazan River Inuit Nueltin Lake, N.W.Extremity, Nunavut
Inuit Women with Happy Baby Tree River, N.W.T.
Island from outside Harborn, Beechey Island
All Saints Anqlican Hospital at Aklavik school and dwelling in distance Aklavik - N.W.T.
Hudson's Bay company Warehouses - Tuktuk
All Saints Cathedral. Anqlican church - Aklavik - N.W.T.
R.C. Mission hospital, Aklavik N.W.T.
Mr. & Mrs. William Allockeok of Shishmaref,, Alaska[...]
New Cape Hauilton Camp site by rough ice - Victoria Island
Jane Kogliak 16 years old Inuk woman - Itchens Lake near Red Rock Lake - Coppermine Region, Nunavut
Musk OX Thelon Game Sanctuary Reindeer Herd, Alaska
Inuit mudding a sled.  In the picture the mud is being repaired - Coppermine Nunavut
Looking West - Coppermine, Nunavut
Coastal dune belt; looking southeast from a point near Reindeer Creek Port Heiden,  Bristol Bay, Alaska
Herd of Muskoxen. Headwaters of Burnside R. N.W.T. about Lat. 66°30’; long 110° W .
Inuk boy Coppermine Region Nunavut
Police Buildings - Herschel Island
View North Northwest - Baker Lake - Nunavut
Inuk Woman Removing the skin from the blubber of a seal - Coppermine Region, Nunavut
Thelon game Sanctuary Reindeer Herd, Alaska
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Arctic Institute of North America Photographic Archives
The Arctic Institute’s photographic collection consists of over 4000 photographs dating from the late 1800s through the 1900s. Consisting mostly of black and white prints, but also some negatives and slides, the bulk of the collection dates to the first half of the 20th century. The photos were taken on a variety of expeditions and patrols by scientists, mountaineers, police and military patrols, and other Arctic explorers.

The collection is particularly valued for its insights into history, culture, and science. Much of the content includes an emphasis on Inuit cultural life and various scientific themes such as geology, glaciology, archaeology, and oil and gas exploration. Some of AINA’s larger collections include those from D.A. Nichols, Patrick D. Baird, M.H.W. Ritchie, Colonel Walter A. Wood, Henry Larsen, and Margaret Oldenburg. The collection has been professionally archived and is now available online. 

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