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Research Data Management in Action! Researchers talk about their RDM practices

Research Data Management in Action! Researchers talk... 

When you’re just starting to think about research data management, it may be difficult to see how it can actually fit into your own research projects. Learn from UCalgary researchers who are already implementing good RDM practices in their work, and how it makes a real difference in their projects.

Dr. Fiona Clement is the Director of the Health Technology Assessment Unit which is a policy-responsive evidence synthesis Unit that supports evidence-informed policy development.  Her work covers many topics including specific technologies, cannabis legalization, and pharmaceutical coverage.

Jenny Godley, PhD, does research on the mechanisms through which social class affects health. She uses some secondary data, including both public use Statistics Canada datasets and microdata available in the Research Data Centre, and administrative health data, and also collects her own data using survey and social network methods.

Dr. Roberto Medeiros de Sousa is an Electrical and Software Engineering Assistant Professor at the University of Calgary. He works on the application of Artificial Intelligence to improve medical imaging. Roberto designed and currently manages the Calgary-Campinas Public dataset (https://www.ccdataset.com/), which aims to support the development of innovative machine learning models to reconstruct, process and analyze medical images. The Calgary-Campinas dataset has been downloaded thousands of times all over the world.

Dr. Jason Wiens is a Teaching Professor in the Department of English, whose areas of research include contemporary poetry, Canadian and Victorian literature, archival studies, and literary audio. He is a team member on the SpokenWeb project (https://spokenweb.ca/), an initiative developing new approaches to literary historical study, digital development, and critical and pedagogical engagement with diverse collections of literary sound recordings. 

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Research Data Management in Action! Researchers talk about their RDM practices