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Cook, Eung Do

Cook, Eung Do 

Eung-Do (Ed) Cook was a Professor of Linguistics at the University of Calgary (1969-2000) whose work focused on endangered First Nations languages.  During his career, he compiled a large amount of raw data on the Chipewyan (Dene Suline) and Chilcotin languages, though he also worked on Carrier, Cebuano, Kaska, Morley Stoney (Siouan), Sarcee, Tahltan, and Witsuwiten.

Digitized records include index cards containing an English – Chipewyan dictionary. 

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Cook, Eung Do (CU2ALB152060) 

'crooked fingers', an insulting gesture; signifying woman's private parts
(baby) is pouting
(giving) to
(s)he became old
a baby
a bag
a barrier erected at the beaver runway by driving sticks into the mud
a barrier erected at the beaver runway by driving sticks into the mud
a big, heavy, flat object collapses (e.g. a house, roof, etc.)
a bird flies, sails in the air with its wings spread out without apparently moving them
a bird lights
a book
a bunch of beads or small insect lies
a camp
a child, boy
a close relation (whom one cannot marry)
a corpse lies
a cough
a dark speck, small dark spot
a fabric lies
a female caribou, without its young ones
a file
a framework used to cache things from being stolen by wolves, dogs, etc.
a gesture
a glacier is formed, moving
a gorge
a grown-up man
a hollow place, a depression in the ground
a kind of bird
a lie
a little brush
a little while
a living being is lying
a living is provided for
a log of wood which has been bitten by the beaver (the end is disheveled)
a long object drops, moves
a long smooth protuberance
a long time
a long, stick-like object lies
a long, stick-like object lies across (e.g. a river)
a medium-sized beaver
a mop used to splash water on the canoe
a mound, heap
a moving mirage
a mythical animal which makes thunder and lightning
a narrow place in the lake where the caribous are accustomed to cross and where people sit a little way above (referring to the current) to wait
a net trap
a new hand, green-horn
a place where fish is hooked, fishing place
a place where game is killed
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