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Philip Sidney Smith Collection of Photographs

Philip Sidney Smith Collection of Photographs 

Philip Sidney Smith was a member of several United States Geological Survey parties engaged in topographic mapping and geologic exploration of Alaska at the turn of the twentieth century. Due to his extensive research activities and scholarship, Smith has been hailed as one of the most outstanding Alaskan specialists of the early twentieth century.

The Philip Sidney Smith Collection of Photographs contains over 2 300 album photographs, complete with original field notes, taken by Smith during various expeditions, dating from 1906 to 1923. 

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Philip Sidney Smith Collection of Photographs (CU1ALB1644854) 

View up stream quarter of mile from camp shortly after it had broken out.
From point ¼ mile west of camp, panorama of hills to the east around to the north and thence to west and south.
From point ¼ mile west of camp, panorama of hills to the east around to the north and thence to west and south.
View of northeast dipping rocks with southeast dipping cleavage in canyon about 1 mile south and ¼ mile east of winter camp
View down canyon from same point as picture 16-1 (1561)
Bedding in sandstone about 2 miles south of winter camp.
Structure on bedding surface produced by rock movements. Looks at distance like ripple marks but is a cross cleavage structure.
Fold and fault in canyon about 2 miles south of winter camp
Fold and fault in canyon about 2 miles south of winter camp
Same structure on west side of camp about 2 miles south of winter camp
At same place, bedded sandstone cut by strongly inclined cleavage. This block has fallen from the cliff and is not in place.
Setting up the canoes on the bar opposite the winter camp.
Carrying the completed canoes to the bank at winter camp.
General view of winter camp from the bar.
Abandoned canoe crate and dismantled sleds and lower end of winter camp site.
Dogs' cache of meat (ptarmigan, rabbit, etc.) and canoes in the brush near lower end of winter comp site. Note trails worn to the gravel through the snow.
Abandoned canoe crates and sleds on pier opposite winter camp
Dogs tied up in the woods below winter camp. Near dog is "Eddy"
"Red," the leader of Scotty Clark's team and later the main leader of the bunch
View from in back of camp looking out towards the creek. Cook tent to the right and Dr. Mertie's sleeping tent to the left.
Wood road through the willow back of winter camp.
Dried salmon, the universal dog feed in Alaska. Ptarmigan showing change of plumage around head, rest of body still snow white.
First pussy-willows "“ on trees back of winter camp.
First pussy-willows on trees back of winter camp
Snare for rabbits back of winter camp. Feathers of a ptarmigan in foreground near snare.
Snare for ptarmigan along old slough back of winter camp.
Water beginning to flow over trail 75 yards south of camp. Heavy ice still under trail.
Blankenship fishing for grayling in creek through ice, 2 miles below winter camp.
Ice bulge near lower end of over-flow lake north of winter camp, shows fractures in dome. Same dome as shown in roll 12-2. (The small white spot on the top of the dome is a ptarmigan)
Same dome but showing down stream end rather than the side of the structure.
Camp for lunch in the brush at lower end of lake. Ptarmigan roasting on spit.
View from west side of overflow lake north of camp to show the areal distribution of the ice bulges at lower end of the lake.
View looking across the overflow lake from point ½ mile above the outlet, showing ice bulges near western side.
View northward, showing outlet of lake and ice bulges near lower and from bank on west side of overflow lake.
Layered ice at fishing hole north of winter camp. The layers are separated by an air space into which icicles hang down.
View up open portion of lake at fishing hole, showing over-hanging remnants of ice.
Lynt and Blankenship fishing with snare near northern end of fishing hole at upper end of overflow lake below winter camp
View of hills on east side of south fork valley from winter camp. The distant hills are those between the Alatna and Colville.
First bath of the season in running water at winter camp. "Dr. Mertie"
First bath of the season in running water, at winter camp. "Dr. Mertie"
View down stream, opposite camp June 1. From the bubbling of the water, anchor ice is apparently about to rice. Note also pictures 23-1 and 23-5 (1601 and 1605)
Hills east of camp June 1 and tributary of Colville near this point
Hills west of camp June 1. Cook tent of Dr. Mertie's party in foreground
Ice with willow roots beginning to rise, opposite camp June 1
Near view of rising ice at camp June 1
Later stage. Ice rising short way above camp June 4
Large mass of ice rising with considerable noise practically at our feet. Blocks jumping out of the water and milling against each other (Published as Plate X B, Bulletin 815)
Same blocks of ice as shown in preceding view, after they had floated some distance down stream
Block of anchor ice rising and shooting up several inches into the air. Prismatic structure plainly evident in left hand portion.
Side stream west of camp June 1 flowing in trench through ice, not yet cut down to the gravel. Looking up stream.
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