Radium Hot Springs.
Radium Hot Springs.
Mt. Stephen. Field. B.C.
Near Lake Louise
Mt. Eisenhower
Radium Hot Springs
Radium Hot Springs
Gateway. Kootenay National Park, B.C.
Gateway Lodge and Swimming Pool. Radium Hot Springs B.C.
Winter Scene Radium Hot Springs Mineral Pool
The Season's greetings. Lake Louise, Alta., Canadian Rockies
The Season's greetings. Maligne Lake, Canadian Rockies
The Season's greetings. Mt. Burgess, Canadian Rockies
The Season's greetings. Mt. Hungabee, Canadian Rockies
The Season's greetings. The Black Friars, Canadian Rockies
[Gateway Lodge]
Mt. Wapta, Emerald Lake.
Mt. Wapta.
Waterton Lakes, Canada
Waterton Lakes, Canada
Vimy Ridge and Waterton Lakes. Canada.
Birds-eye View of Waterton Lakes. Canada.
Prince of Wales Hotel, Waterton Lakes, Canada.
Aspen Avenue. Banff.
Albert Canyon
A Freak Snow Formation
At Glacier in winter.
Acadia Lodge Addition to Homestead Hotel
Banff Avenue
Banff Avenue.
Becker's Bungalow Camp. Jasper.
Bungalow Camp. Radium Hot Springs.
Banff Carnival. Ice Palace.
Bow River and Goat Mtn. Banff.
Bow River and Massive Range, Banff.
Banff Springs Hotel. Mount Stephen Hall from the cloister walk.
Banff Springs Hotel. The Oak Room.
Banff Springs Hotel. The Viceregal Sitting Room.
Banff Village , Cascade Mtn.
Century Old Concord Stage Coach at Homestead Hotel Banff.
Illecillewaet Glacier.
Cisco Bridge.
Coldstream Lakeshore Resort.
C.P.R. Hotel Banff
Championship Ski Jump. Banff.
Deer Lodge, Lake Louise.
Deer Lodge, Lake Louise.
Deer Lodge, Lake Louise.
Deer Lodge, Lake Louise.
Dining Room. Chateau Lake Louise
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Mountain Studies
The Mountain Studies collection contains digitized postcards from Special Collections including, the Byron Harmon collection of postcards. These postcards depict views of the Canadian Rocky Mountains and the Purcell Mountains. A number of the postcards include messages to loved ones. 

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