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Military History

Military History 

The Military History Digital Collection contains a selection of digitized documents, photographs, and books from The Military Museum Library and Archives and Glenbow Archives.

Highlights include:

Published and archival histories, photographs documents and ephemera relating to military history from the late 19th to early 21st century.

Selections from the Chicksands collection, obtained from the British Ministry of Defense, including military attach├ęs assigned to British high commissions and consulates, mainly during the inter-war period. This collection includes manuals, reports, pamphlets, books and other writings in English, French, Italian, Russian and German.

Indigenous-Canadian military artifacts including badges, crests, flags, medals, pins, plaques, postcards, monuments, and memorials dating from the late 19th to early 21st century.

World War I propaganda pamphlets and books dating from 1914-1918.

Please note that the language, terminology or visual content in this collection reflects the context and culture of the time of its creation, and may include culturally sensitive information. As an historical document, its contents may be at odds with contemporary views and terminology. The information within this collection does not reflect the views of the University of Calgary, but is available in its original form to facilitate research. For questions or comments regarding sensitive content, access, and use related to this collection, please contact digitize@ucalgary.ca. 

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Military History (CU1ALB2101744) 

I, That's Me : Escape from a German Prison Camp and Other Adventures
Capbadge of the 114th Battalion
What the search-light revealed in 114th. Brock's Rangers C.E.F.
Capbadges of the 114th Battalion
Envelope of the 114th
Capbadge of the 114th
Six Nations Veterans Memorial Park
Charles Cosens
Private Abram Ecker medals
Wilfred Lickers standing with unknown woman
Soldiers at Camp Borden, Ont.
Robert Staats
Josiah Pinnegar
Private Herbert Stonham medals
Corporal Joseph Todd medals
Andrew C. Fraser
Sergeant Andrew Fraser medals
Andrew C. Fraser plaque
Norman Flowers
William Halfpenny
Joseph Hanna
Alfred Love
Charles Parkin
Corporal M. Phillips
Merritt Pettigrew
William Smith
Sergeant James Young
William Robert Bradley
Francis Wilson Crain
John Robert Crain
E.J. Eastes medals
Greetings from 114th Brock's Rangers C.E.F.
I'm thinking of you everyday : a soldier's letter
Notice of death of Percy Giles
Percy G. Giles
Wilfred King
Oswald Jacob King
James Herbert LaForme
John Wesley LaForme
I'm "Tired" of waitin for you to make up your mind
Maxwell Tobicoe standing with unknown soldier
John Earl Reid
Lieutenant Cameron Brant
Camp Borden, 1916
Crest of the 114th Battalion
The journal of Gen. Sir Martin Hunter, G.C.M.G., G.C.H. : and some letters of his wife, Lady Hunter
The Iraq occupied territories code, 1915
Six Nations 114th Battalion Flag plaque
Six Nations 114th Battalion Flag
Hagersville Armoury
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