James Wheeler Davidson scrapbook
Manchurian notes - book 1
Manchurian notes - book 2
Co-partnership agreement – Davidson and Martinson
Clan Dhai
Military commission
Northwestern Military Academy certificate
New York Amusement Emporium brochure
Handwritten postcard
The Journal of the Second Peary expedition and log of the “Falcon”
Peary expedition: outline and journal transcript
Illustration of waiter
Illustration of Greenland settlement with ship in harbour
F. W. Stokes illustration
Expedition illustration continued
Jack Swain illustration
Illustration of Dr. Vincent in an office
Illustration of Carr and Doc
Illustration of George Carr, Colonel Sparrow
Illustration for introduction to the members of the second Peary Greenland Expedition, 1893-1894
Illustration of George Clark at a homemade podium
Illustration of Baldwin
Entrikin in his yachting costume illustration
Expedition illustration
Hugh Lee illustration
Deer hunt illustration
Dusty Rhodes illustration
Illustration of conductor
Illustration of cook awaker
Illustration of building
Illustration of Jimmie
Sam and Jack
Arctic settlement
Men on boat
Unknown bust
Polar bear hunt
Christmas card
Robert Peary portrait
Newsclippings and articles regarding the Peary expedition and Arctic exploration
Passport – Formosa
JWD correspondence
Formosa war diary
Postage stamps of the Republic of Formosa
Formosa, Manchuria newsclippings, correspondence and related documents
Order of the Rising Sun
Japanese document recognizing JWD as US Consular Agent at Tamsui
“Through Eastern Seas, Formosa Bound”
“Formosa Under Japanese Rule”
“The Island of Formosa Past and Present”
Formosa book review
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James Wheeler Davidson
This collection contains a selection of textual records and images from the James Wheeler Davidson Family fonds housed in Archives and Special Collections.

Please note that the language, terminology or visual content in our historical collections reflect the context and culture of the time of its creation, and may include culturally sensitive information. As an historical document, its contents may be at odds with contemporary views and terminology.

The information within the collection does not reflect the views of the University of Calgary, but is available in its original form to facilitate research.

James Wheeler Davidson has been described as a modern Marco Polo and a renaissance man.  Born in the United States in 1872 but later becoming a naturalized Canadian, Davidson was an Arctic explorer, war correspondent, author, US consul agent in the Far East and recipient of the Japanese Order of the Rising Sun.

Davidson was involved in a number of successful business ventures, including the Calgary Colonization Company, the Crown Lumber Company, and the Royalite Oil Company, and was also actively involved in a number of initiatives in Calgary, including the construction of the Lougheed Building, the founding of the Calgary Symphony Orchestra, the Alberta Motor Association, and the Calgary-Banff Tourist Development Association.

Davidson dedicated the last years of his life to the international expansion of the Rotary Club and traveled first to Australia and New Zealand and later embarked on a thirty-two month trip with his wife and daughter to Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Jerusalem, India and the Far East. His efforts resulted in 23 Rotary clubs chartered in 12 different countries.

In 1933, at the age of 61, James passed away.  Tributes poured in from all over the world after his passing, as he had met and touched so many lives.  A lasting tribute to James -- proposed by the Alberta Motor Association and the Rotary Club of Calgary -- was the dedication of Mount Davidson, near Banff, Alberta.  

Lillian and Marjory continued their involvement with Rotary for the remainder of their lives, speaking at Rotary events about James and the family’s international travels promoting the organization. 

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