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Album of Postcards of British Actors and Actresses

Album of Postcards of British Actors and Actresses 

This album belonged to Elsie Taylor and was compiled during 1906-1910. Elsie lived in Hampstead in London, a fairly affluent borough of the county of London at that time and was educated at Beresford House School, a boarding school in Eastbourne on England's south coast. Theatre appeared to be one of her great interests.

The album contains portraits of 42 individual actresses and 24 individual actors.

This album is held by Archives and Special Collections at the University of Calgary and was acquired through this university's Drama department. 

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Album of Postcards of British Actors and Actresses (CU2ALB47272) 

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Mr. Basil Gill
Miss Jessie Bateman
Miss Pauline Chase
Miss Ellen Terry as Fair Rosamund
Miss Gertrude Elliott
Miss Gertrude Elliott
Mr. Lewis Waller as Henry V
Mr. Lyn Harding
Miss Evelyn Millard
Miss Cecelia Loftus
Miss Isabel Jay and Baby (not identified)
Miss Lily Brayton
Mr. Beerbohm Tree as Mark Antony
Miss Isabel Jay [as] Miss Hook of Holland
Mr. Henry Ainley
Mr. Forbes Robertson

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